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Another hairalgae problem

> Tanks Specs.
> 70 Gallon
> 4 Triton 48" Bulbs and 2 Chroma 50's
> Total of 240 Watts of light.
> Duplarit G mixed in with the gravel.
> Phosphate and Nitrate barely detectable

Minor nutrient imbalances that wouldn't effect a tank at our typical
2.5w/g or 3.0w/g ratios could really go haywire at these higher light
levels.  Now Tom's going to chime in saying he's had tanks with 6.0w/g
and never had algae, but he's Tom Barr - in my tanks I'd create Audrey
from "Little Shop of Horrors".  One thing really jumps out: if NO3 and
PO4 levels are both barely noticeable you're starving your plants, and
their metabolisms will really be revved up at that light level.
Michael Rubin ~ minor San Francisco mafioso
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