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Dean (and Melissa) Williams wrote:

> I need somebody's assistance , with co2 as bubbles per 
> min please.  My tank is 400l has a PH of 8.0  ,kh of 6deg , 
> would like some were to start from but do not want the PH 
> to drop to far say 7.0 or 7.2

Dean, I don't mean to oversimplify, but rather than calculating bubbles
per minute, couldn't you gradually increase the CO2 until your pH drops
to 7.0?  At 7.0pH and 6degKH, the chart says you'll have 17.7ppm CO2, a
nice amount.  When I adjust my CO2 I see the difference in pH almost
immediately in my sump, and a few moments later in the tank.

Michael Rubin ~ San Francisco
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