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Contagious algae

<< Are you saying that there are kinds of algae that
 short of bleach can't be stopped?  How do you get that
 stuff? >>

I think I know what Paul will say and I look forward to hearing it again 
because I need to have it drilled into my brain as often as possible.

While I have driven this form of algae far into the background in one tank, 
and naively thought it had disappeared completely, if things get out of hand 
- oooops - it's  baaaaack.

I really need to break down and sterilize this tank before I re-infect my 
entire system again.

Handling this stuff like AIDS, smallpox or other contagious disease is the 
best method. Don't get any in your system to begin with and if you do -- 
bleach. Everything.

It takes discipline and effort to implement this approach, but less so than 
attempting to "control" it or learning to live with it or rationalizing it's 
omnipresence to bemused visitors and certainly less effort than ridding 
yourself of it repeatedly.

Others will disagree, thinking this bleach business an extreme measure and 
wisely being adverse to the extensive use of potentially dangerous chemicals. 
Some say they can control or manage this form of algae, but if they truly 
can, I wonder if they actually have the real deal.  IMHO, this is analogous 
to an alcoholic claiming they can manage or control their level of adult 
beverage intake. Half measures with this life form will avail you nothing and 
there is no easier, softer way that I can see.

But, that's just my opinion.

Bob Olesen