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Re: Lighting for 150

Boulet Stephen wrote:
> There are now ultra quiet fans available for computers. You would
> need a DC source for them, but I don't know if this option has been
> explored for planted tanks before.
> - -- Stephen

I assume you are talking about the power supply or "general coolng"
fans in desktop computers and not the minifans on the microprocessor
chips in these machines.  Some of these fans are indeed super
quiet--espeically compared to the raucaus things IBM had in the
original PC, PC-XT, and PC-AT (am I dating myself? -- ooops).

I think most computer power supplies use tubeaxial fans, which are the
type most easily applied to aquarium hoods.  But very quiet fans have
been around for years.  The ones on my 200 watt/channel audio
amplifiers, which were built in 1974, are imperceptible unless you are
right up against them.  Good fan manufacturers, like Pabst/ECM and
Augusta will give you airflow and sound level specs which lets you make
choices based on pretty good data.   Www.mouser.com sells Augusta fans
and list the specs in its catalogue (page 444 in the most recent one). 
AC and DC fans are both listed.  Also, ball-bearing type fans tend to
be quieter than sleeve-bearing type fans, especially after prolonged
use.  However, their are some very good sleeve bearing designs out
there these days.  Pabst, in particular, has some excellent
sleeve-bearing tubeaxial fans -- but I haven't found a current source
of Pabst fans in the USA.  If anyone finds a Pabst source, let me know.

Scott H.

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