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Re: Another hairalgae problem

> 1. Can driftwood cause an algae problem?  I've seen comments to both sides
> of the equation in the archives.   For those that say no,  could some types
> of wood cause it but not others ?  Any experience with this

No, doesn't cause algae except as place to grow. Some species like to grow
on it.

> 2.  Can too much light cause algae (240 Watts of Florescent)

Certainly, but it's not that. I have that much on a 40 gallon tank.

> 3.  Has anyone had a problem with Duplarit G causing this.

> Tanks Specs.
> 70 Gallon
> 4 Triton 48" Bulbs and 2 Chroma 50's
> Total of 240 Watts of light.
> Duplarit G mixed in with the gravel.
> Phosphate and Nitrate barely detectable

Try more NO3 and more PO4 and trim the algae off/water change thereafter.

> Have used PMDD and have spent time NOT using PMDD (Conklin method).
> CO2 Most of the time but have tried not using CO2 and it didn't alter the
> algae growth

Try using thy hands and remove as much as you can. Go nuts. Get all of it
you can. Add shrimps, lots of them. Add more fast growers and ones that will
be easily trimmed. Let your tank over grow some. Then prune heavy removing
all the algae you can.
Try the CO2, nutrients in the ranges I always nag people about. Try Rosey
barbs if you do not have feathery plants like moss and Riccia etc.

> I've read so much on this topic in the archives and elsewhere on the
> Internet,   no matter what the question is,  there is always answers on both
> sides of the question.
> Oh and if it matters,  I have other successful plant tanks, this one is just
> the problem.

Give it a good reworking then. Break it down, remove the wood and add
different gravel, cables, swap a filter, more plants whatever.....
Try something a tad more drastic.
Tom Barr