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Re: algae problem


Are you saying that there are kinds of algae that
short of bleach can't be stopped?  How do you get that

Could it be Pithophora?  That's no so bad I think.  I
saw it once in a LFS tank and they got rid of it...  

Anyway, could the slime be the same way (won't die
with proper nutrient management)?  I swear, I think I
could sit there and watch it grow.  I stays and stays.
 I got my new Seachem test kit for nitrate and it says
I have about 1ppm nitrate.  My AP one had been saying
5ppm or so.  That may be it.  In that case, I'll need
a lot more kno3.  

Does anyone know of a good online hydroponics place? 
I need potassium phosphate too.  I haven't been able
to find either locally.  

Thanks, Cavan 

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