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Hair Algae Driftwood and Light

Okay,  I've been reading everything I can find on the causes of Hair algae
in my tank.   Without going into tremendous detail,  I've really got three
questions.  A short background first.  This tank was setup several years
ago,  It has always had a hair algae problem.   I have experimented with
most everything I can think of.   I quit for a while and just let it take
over,  Now I am back battling it.   It is not a Algae bloom,  It is rapid
steady continuous growth.  

The only success that I can remember at slowing down this algae is recently
when I brought this tank back to life,  I decided to use Carbon in my
canister filter which I had never done before.  This seemed to keep the
growth slower.  

So,  I decided it MUST be something that I haven't changed.  And because the
filter had some effect I'm thinking either 1. or 3. 

1. Can driftwood cause an algae problem?  I've seen comments to both sides
of the equation in the archives.   For those that say no,  could some types
of wood cause it but not others ?  Any experience with this

2.  Can too much light cause algae (240 Watts of Florescent)

3.  Has anyone had a problem with Duplarit G causing this.

Tanks Specs.

70 Gallon
4 Triton 48" Bulbs and 2 Chroma 50's
Total of 240 Watts of light.
Duplarit G mixed in with the gravel.
Phosphate and Nitrate barely detectable
Have used PMDD and have spent time NOT using PMDD (Conklin method).
CO2 Most of the time but have tried not using CO2 and it didn't alter the
algae growth

I've read so much on this topic in the archives and elsewhere on the
Internet,   no matter what the question is,  there is always answers on both
sides of the question.

Oh and if it matters,  I have other successful plant tanks, this one is just
the problem.