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Re: Water sprite

Thread leaf water sprite might be an option.  I find it easier to maintain
in smaller grouping or clump.  New plants form at leaf axis where they can
be picked off.  I periodically uproot the parent plant and let the knew
plantlet fill in.  in my 75 the plantlets take about one to two weeks to
grow to the top, but maintain a relatively narrow growth pattern.  As the
plant grows you can do a lot of pruning and have the plant keep a nice form.
If you are interested in this plant, but cannot get in your area email me
off list.

BTW,  Thread leaf water sprite is a name given by Karen Randall in Summer
2001 PAM.  She states in the article that the plant was refered to as "C.
"siliquosa", but is now considered C. thalactroides by most sources."  And
goes on to describe why the plant needs a name that differentiates it from
"normal" water sprite.  Because of different appearance and growth habit.

Jay Reeves

> Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 06:50:55 EST
> From: MStark7789 at aol_com
> Subject: water sprite
>    hi
>   Is there a way to contain water sprite(ceraptoptris thalictroides} ? I
> that it
> covers the entire tank about every two weeks. Unless evry leaf is removed
> after trimming it will sprout a new plant
>   I like the look of the plant but it crowds the other types even with
> continual
> pruning particularly the crypts Since the tank is now 10 months old I
> to add a lot more variety and do more of a landscaped look so there will
> less
> space for each type. Will it be necessary to remove it entirely?
>    I've tried pruning only the sides but will sprout from every cut. Tends
> grow
> more horizontal than upright..Would sure like to keep some of it

>                                                     Gary   fla.