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Sera copper test kit and polyfilter

Has anyone had any experience with the Sera copper test kit?  I decided I
had to know if my tank had residual copper from a big ulvaceous before I
sacrificed any additional shrimp. Of course I don't know for sure that was
what took them out in the first place.

Obviously, the time to check for copper would have been BEFORE I started
doing a bunch of water changes.

Sera was the only kit the local places had.  I also bought a polyfilter to
check the kit.  I wasn't familiar with it but it absorbs various elements in
the water and turns different colors depending on what it has absorbed
(copper is blue).  Sera test indicated 0 copper and when I stuck some of the
polyfilter in a filter for the day, it absorbed the iron, I didn't think I
had, but no copper.  Just thought I would share about the polyfilter since
it seems like a cool product for diagnosis/removal of undesirables.  I
believe it is a popular product with the saltwater folks.  It seems, at
least in this instance, that the Sera kit was correct.