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29G Lighting / Substrate Advice & Thanks

First off, thanks to everyone who responded to my
question about CO2 manifolds, and especially Dave 
Grim for giving me a manifold! What a guy!  I will 
try to separate the regulator and needle-valve today.

So, onto my new questions:

This is going to be a 29G tank, 12x30x18, and I am 
trying to decide on lighting.  I am thinking about 
using an aluminum fixture from Pet Supply Liquidators 
(http://www.angelfire.com/ca7/petsupply/).  Anyone 
have any experience with these?

Now, wattage...
I have the following options:
1x55, 2x36 or 2x55. In WPG terms that's 1.9, 2.5, or 

This tank will get pressurized CO2 and I am fairly 
competent at managing my ferts, but I am not positive 
I want to have as much trimming as my 60G, 3.4WPG 
tank requires.

Anyone have success with glosso in a tank of this 
depth with 1.9-2 WPG?

Onto Substrate:
Onyx Sand vs. Flourite -- any final answers?
My tap water is about 5-6 KH/GH.

TIA as always!