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Re: anti siphon hole

> I think it was originally I who wrote:
>>> make sure to drill a small antisiphon hole in the return right
>>> below the surface of your tank's water level!!)."
> Tom Barr responded:
>>> Bottom back wall.. Near the gravel level
> This can't be right, can it Tom?  Surely you'd want the hole drilled
> inside the tank, about a half-inch below the water level.

Ahh yeppy! This was in reference to the return flow pattern not the
antisiphon hole. Sorry for any confusion:-)
Tom Barr

  That way, if
> your pump failed and a back-siphon occurred, you'd only lose as much
> water as was in the tank above the hole before the hole was exposed to
> the air, breaking the siphon.  This is the way I've got it set up in my
> tank (with the hole facing the adjacent glass surface), and it works
> correctly every time I turn off the pump.  Have I gotten it wrong?
> Michael Rubin ~ San Francisco