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Re: Plant tabs

> Tom , they do have some source of nitrogen and
> phosphorus. Not sure what form they take, though. The
> percentage breakdown is 14-7-17, whatever that means.
> I talked to Mike about his tabs about 6 months ago and
> he told me in the strictest confidence that he would
> not feel right about selling a complete trace
> fertilizer without N or P....hehe.

Well, they are being added to the substrate also. If they had something like
that being added to the water column it had better be very dilute since
someone is going to way over do it. So what's the difference between this
"secret" then and a jobes stick which is much cheaper?
Not much it seems. I recall the Mn and Fe part but never heard the other.

> So, I know that he
> has them added to the tabs. I also watched him disolve
> one or two in one of his holding tubs. They are
> supposed to be bound with clay but they disolve into
> nothing in about 15-30 seconds.

Same as jobes.
> They are worth checking out.

Jobes also?
I'll stick with my own chem's for macro's. Much greater control and it
doesn't cost much to get the "Good stuff" for a lifetime's supply.
10lbs K2SO4= 5$
1 lb KH2PO4= 4-10$
10 lbs of KNO3 = 40$
Traces = depends on where you and what brand but deals can be had. 5liters
of Flourish or TMG = 50$.

You could also take MG and roll clay balls and make your own plant tabs(hey
they'd be blue too). Maybe I'll give that a try:-)

100$ will take care of you for many years. You sell that much in plants at
one plant auction at your local Aquarium Society.
Tom Barr