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Air break (anti-siphon)

I think it was originally I who wrote:
>> make sure to drill a small antisiphon hole in the return right 
>> below the surface of your tank's water level!!)."
Tom Barr responded:
>> Bottom back wall.. Near the gravel level
This can't be right, can it Tom?  Surely you'd want the hole drilled
inside the tank, about a half-inch below the water level.  That way, if
your pump failed and a back-siphon occurred, you'd only lose as much
water as was in the tank above the hole before the hole was exposed to
the air, breaking the siphon.  This is the way I've got it set up in my
tank (with the hole facing the adjacent glass surface), and it works
correctly every time I turn off the pump.  Have I gotten it wrong?
Michael Rubin ~ San Francisco
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