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Re: Lighting for 150

ROlesen104 at aol_com wrote:

>I've decided to build a hood and go ahead with power compact lighting for my
>150 gal tank that is 72 inches long, 24 high and 18.75 wide.  I'll be
>injecting pressurized CO2 from a tank.
>Are six (6) 96watt fixtures from A&H with reflectors about right for this
>size setup?
>I'd just like people's opinions, especially if you've had experience with the
>96watt fixtures from A&H before. I know I could use four and add more later,
>but I'd rather just do it all right from the start.
>Any opinions are appreciated.
>Bob Olesen
>West Palm Beach

In my still very limited experience with a new 120 gal tank, three banks of PC
lights front-to-back on a 18" wide tank could be too much. This 120 was set 
up about 15 days ago, has three PCs front-to-back, is 24" wide, and the amount 
of light at the substrate level is staggering (I still have to measure it 
though). Hygro won't grow up, it just hugs to the substrate, at a place 
where the depth is about 20". Rotala indica shows pink growth at a depth 
of about 15", and ambulia shows pinkish growth at a depth of about 8". 
Yesterday I shut down one bank of lights and will keep it off until the 
tank matures a bit. Under the same conditions, the same three banks of lights 
over a 18" footprint would be definitely too much. 

The light banks are dual 55 Watt AH Supply kits.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD

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