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Re:Delaware Aquatic Imports fert tabs

Hey gang,

Tom Barr wrote:
<<Fe, Mn etc hey, make your own if you want. Perhaps
I'll try that:) I do not think they have NO3/NH4 or
PO4. Jobes could easily take the place of that.

Tom , they do have some source of nitrogen and
phosphorus. Not sure what form they take, though. The
percentage breakdown is 14-7-17, whatever that means.

I talked to Mike about his tabs about 6 months ago and
he told me in the strictest confidence that he would
not feel right about selling a complete trace
fertilizer without N or P....hehe. So, I know that he
has them added to the tabs. I also watched him disolve
one or two in one of his holding tubs. They are
supposed to be bound with clay but they disolve into
nothing in about 15-30 seconds. 

They are worth checking out.

As for the illegal part, I understand that it is
illegal to sell any "fertlizer" without listing the
elements or components contained. He won't even reveal
what elements are present. I had to get them from the

John Wheeler

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