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Re: PO4 and Schultz


When you say small amounts of the Schultz is ok in a
po4 limited tank, how much is a small amount?  I've
been adding 2 drops a day to my 30.  Yesterday my tank
used up .4ppm in 7 hours.  No kidding.  Is a
combination of kno3 and Schultz's ok?  I may need to
add even more Schultz.  My tank eats a ton of it. 

Could algae take all the po4 away from the plants
before the plants can even use it if the po4 is
organic?  I can get some potassium phosphate if
necessary, although the Schultz drops are

Do you mix powders everyday, or do you have them mixed
with distilled beforehand?  

Thanks, Cavan

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