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UV 24/7

<< UV: You mentioned that I might want UV for a day a week.. Is there any 
harm in doing what I currently do; Run it 24/7, other than having to replace 
the bulb more often? (hopefully not a silly question). >>

Well, I run mine 24/7 and I've observed no harm. Got rid of that %$#@* 
utricularia that way. Some will say traces get cooked, but I say traces are 
cheap enough. I swear I have much less green spot as well as the other types 
of algae when that thing stays on all the time. Turning lamps off and on 
shortens the overall life of the devise too, I'll wager -- maybe more than 
leaving it on all the time. Bulbs aren't the only part of a UV lamp. Mine 
(Custom Sea Life 8watt) has a starter that burns out too. I don't know if 
running the UV from the get go would affect cycling or if one should leave it 
off until this occurs?

I'm building a sump for a larger tank too and so was most interested in your 
post and the responses. Being a cheapskate, I might just use a cattle trough 
with a trash can tower full of lava rock that can be removed later instead of 
an expensive glass or plexi sump.  Seriously though, If those Rubbermaid 
containers didn't bulge so ominously when more than half full -- they'd 
probably work fine. Or something like them since all I want to do is have a 
place for hiding the equipment mainly. I like the way diatom filters polish 
water so well I'd like to figure a way to install one down there -- maybe a 
plate or something?

The underwater spray bar points forward -- maybe a little up. You know, with 
a little ingenuity a person could probably figure a way to add and subtract 
water through that spray bar, maybe with some system of gate valves and 
by-passes so that water changing could be an easier and more often 
accomplished task. If the wall mine is going against had a water line and/or 
sewer line/drain running in it - I'd sure figure a way to plumb the whole 
tank like a toilet. 

Then all I'd have to do is play with the plants and not feed the fish once a 

Good luck with the new tank -- it sounds like you're going to have fun!

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach - where we just might get frost tonight!