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Re: Re Potassium Calculation

Thank you so much, I double checked its muriate of potash AKA KCL, 97%
yielding 60% K20 , approxiamately.

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> > Matthew Calfat wrote:
> >
> > I made a K20 solution using 70g of the substance in
> > 1000ml of water. Tank size is 120 Gallons. (Note my
> > source is only 60% K20, 83% of the K20 is K, which
> > yields about 50% K when dissolved, basically similar to KCL)
> You should double-check the Potassium source you are using.
> I've NEVER! seen anything that is actually K2O.  All forms of
> fertilizer list the amount of Potassium in terms of K20, but it's
> just used as an method of comparing amounts of K2O.
> > Each Ml contains 0.08ppm of K is the what comes out. Suggested
> > target level 20 ppm.
> Assuming your K source contains the amount you say, then your
> math is right, you would add about 250ml per week.
> > Just seems like a lot and I don't feel like killing my plants
> > or fish (5 otos currently).
> I've intentionally overdosed potassium up to about 40 or 50ppm
> and had no problem.   My only concern would be whatever else
> your potassium source contains.  The amount of chloride from
> even KCl, even at 40-50ppm, isn't harmful, but if the potassium
> were KNO3, then it would be adding wayy to much nitrate.
> > If you can help that would be greatly, appreciated . I do
> > subscribe to APD but can't remember how to send a msg to it,
> >since I only recieve the digests.
> The APD only has a digest.  To send to it, send your
> message to: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
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