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Re: Re Potassium Calculation

> Matthew Calfat wrote:
> I made a K20 solution using 70g of the substance in 
> 1000ml of water. Tank size is 120 Gallons. (Note my 
> source is only 60% K20, 83% of the K20 is K, which 
> yields about 50% K when dissolved, basically similar to KCL)

You should double-check the Potassium source you are using.

I've NEVER! seen anything that is actually K2O.  All forms of
fertilizer list the amount of Potassium in terms of K20, but it's
just used as an method of comparing amounts of K2O.

> Each Ml contains 0.08ppm of K is the what comes out. Suggested 
> target level 20 ppm.

Assuming your K source contains the amount you say, then your
math is right, you would add about 250ml per week. 

> Just seems like a lot and I don't feel like killing my plants 
> or fish (5 otos currently).

I've intentionally overdosed potassium up to about 40 or 50ppm
and had no problem.   My only concern would be whatever else
your potassium source contains.  The amount of chloride from 
even KCl, even at 40-50ppm, isn't harmful, but if the potassium
were KNO3, then it would be adding wayy to much nitrate.

> If you can help that would be greatly, appreciated . I do 
> subscribe to APD but can't remember how to send a msg to it, 
>since I only recieve the digests.

The APD only has a digest.  To send to it, send your
message to: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com

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