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Live black worms in planted tanks


Question about live black worms in planted aquariums, i have a few khuli
(spelling) loaches in my tank and dig through the gravel and appear once
every few months (same with my amano shrimps)

I started to keep discus about 6 ~ 10 months ago, raising the temp etc..
(still keeping the high lighting though)

I recently started to feed my fish live black worms (via a cone) (ok
slightly off topic but my fish grew much faster with the live food...)

Reading some discus sites it recommends using a bare tank or cone so the
black worms don't go into the gravel, what happens if they get into your
gravel? (if they survive do they breed? i found some information from this
website http://www.dph.nl/sub-article/catagory-01.shtml#cultivate which
talks about breeding and keeping live black worms...)

on the other hand i've read the worms might die in the gravel and cause some
problems there...

A friend suggested and got me wondering, wouldn't it be a good idea just to
keep live black worms in the aquariums with the discus and they can eat/find
them whenever they like just like in the wild?

I know this sounds silly but could this work? (I also remember a friend
telling me that her dad used to feed live worms to their fish and under like
a big rock there were tons of worms left over in there)
(or is this just totally grose?)

Raymond Wong
updated my page but haven't uploaded it to my server yet??! few more days..

sorry i know it's kinda not related to plants.. but it's in my planted tank
= )