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Hello. about 6 months ago i set up a 50 gal aquarium using 3" of flourite 
gravel and 2x96 watt PC flourecent lighting ( 5500K and 6500K ) There are 4 
angels and   3 bristle nose plecos. Plants includ val cryps amazon sword and 
sagitaria. When i first set the tank up there was cloudyness from the gravel. 
I did not rince the gravel and regreated it for the first month because of 
the cloudiness. The tank was clear for about 2 weeks and then a  series of 
green water and white cloudy from bacteria has made the tank unplesent. The 
only thing i suspect is the gravel. This is the first time i have used this 
type of gravel and cannot see any other cause. Has anyone experienced this 
from the gravel or could there be anothe cause. I have tried a micron 
cartridge but it gets clogged. Other ideas that i havnt tried are 
phosphate/nitrate sponge or a UV serilizer. I would like to know if the UV 
serilizer would work and would i need to keep it on the tank after the 
algea/bacteria is gone. thanks in advance

Patrick Claytor

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