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Re: Serious fertilizers

Thx all who replied to this. I see what you all mean about how much of the 
macros to add. I may give the Hagen Plant Gro NPK Tom Connors (Guarenteed 
Analysis-0.6 -0.3 - -2.4. Instructions-Add 1 capful per 10 US Gal to provide 
3.5mg/L NO3, 0.5mg/L PO4, 2.5mg/L of K.) a try, though, since if I add 2 
capfuls per 10 gallons it would give me roughly the concentrations I'm 
looking for - maybe a litle low on P, though. And then I also haven't looked 
at the cost, either - those little bags of white powder are pretty cheap.

I do already use the dosage calculator Tom Wood mentioned, but I am hesitant 
to just dump the powders in the tank. Won't the fish eat them? And won't 
they look kind of ugly? Will the plants mind having concentrated chemicals 
dumped on them? I had thought of putting them all in the filter, but I only 
open the filter once every couple of weeks, and it is honestly kind of a 
pain to do.

By the way I did get to go to hear Tom Barr speak at the San Francisco fish 
club meeting. (Should I change my name to Tom Rachel to fit in better?) It 
was a great lecture, made even more enjoyable by the location, which was 
right in amongst the tanks of the Steinhardt Aquarium. Several catfish 
seemed quite interested in the talk as well.

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