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Re: 135gal set up

> From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
> Subject: Re: 135gal set up
> A pH controller set up has to be set at a higher rate than a
> non controller
> system but virtue of its throttling of the on/off cycles. The
> ON cycle has
> to be fast and intense enough to catch up to the set point.

A pH controller also makes a pretty good safety switch when your CO2 rate is
set to match (or slightly exceed) the tanks daytime consumption. The only
difference is the controller decides when to shut off the CO2, not a timer.

A couple years ago, I had a ballast fail while out of town. With the
lighting cut in half, it could have been ugly after a few days without the
controller cutting off the CO2.

Controllers are not required, just convenient.

> Well think about it. The sump is where you have a small area
> with great
> mixing and the CO2 inflow. The tank is where the CO2 is being
> used up and is
> much larger and slower flowing. Where are your plants? The
> sump or the tank?
> That's the best place to take the reading but there will be
> some lag time to
> get the pH up after turning it up or down etc. This becomes
> more true as the
> tank gets bigger. Well mixed water helps solve this problem
> among others.

I'm only seeing a 0.04 range between my sumps and 6 locations in the tank.
How large of a range are you seeing in bigger tanks? I don't consider my
circulation rates very high, yet I get pretty consistent mixing.

Jon Wilson