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Phosphate Test Kit

"S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>
Subject: Re: Seachem phosphate kit accuracy

>I think these sorts of inaccuracies occur in many hobbyist kits for pH,
>nitrites, nitrates, etc.  But it is more problematic with chemical like
>phosphate where the amounts being measured are so small to begin with.
>Perhaps Dr. Morin will advise.

An error by a factor of 2 in measuring a Reference Solution is too much for
me.  I too had hoped Dr. Morin might respond, but nothing yet.

From: "Michael" <Michael at Rubinworld_com>
Subject: Phosphate Test Kit

>I don't know which is better, but I've come to rely on the Lamotte kit.
>The reagent comes individually packaged in vacuum sealed single-use
>envelopes, and seem to remain fresh almost indefinitely.  I find that
>the better kits often have a high intial cost, but that once the kit has
>been purchased, refills of the reagents quickly bring the price-per-test
>down significantly, and are usually cheaper in the long run, not to
>mention more accurate!

That was enough for me. I ordered a Lamotte kit yesterday.  Although the
list price from Lamotte is $74.95, I found one at Custom Aquatic
for only $49.99, which seemed like a bargain to me.  They shipped it the
same day I ordered it, which seemed like service to me!  I hadn't run across
this company before, but they seem to have a *huge* catalog.

John T. Fitch
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