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My tank can't get enough iron!


I've been dosing my 90 gallon with Seachem's Flourish for about 3 weeks now.
I have also been trying to monitor my tank's iron concentration since
switching to Flourish instead of my PMDD style chelated trace mix.  Every
day I added 5 ml of Flourish to my tank.  Roughly every other day to every
third day, I've tested my iron concentration using a Seachem iron test kit.

My test kit is showing that I have no iron.  I've continued to add 5 and
lately 10 ml of Flourish to my tank every day and still have yet to measure
any iron in my water.  I suspected my iron kit my have expired, but when
measuring the reference sample included in the kit, it was right on.

I've wondered about how quickly the iron could be taken up by the plants, so
I've tried measuring the iron roughly 5 minutes of adding the Flourish to
the water and various times up to about 30 minutes after adding it.  Last
night I even added 15 mL to see if I would get some colour in the kit.

Any ideas???

Is it precipitating out with my separate phosphate additions (approximately
0.1 - 0.2 mg/L added each day, done at the same time roughly as the

Should I keep on adding more every day until I see something?

Aaron Ivers