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Re: Dwarf Cichlid question

>I would like to
>add maybe two fish of some dwarf cichlid species, but >I can't make up my
>mind on which species. I don't fool with my water, >but my tapwater pH is
>8.5 or so (should get lower in my tank once I get my >CO2 working better),
>ammonia is undetectable and nitrate is low (I forget >how low...).

I have had a number of the bolivian ram P. altispinosa (sp?) over the years and have a trio at the moment. they are quite perky, hardy little fish that I know can do well in hard high-pH tanks. Actually I can't get them to spawn in really soft acidic water. (perhaps just bad luck)
They often pop up in Local pet stores too. 
A. cacatoides may also do well in your tank, so i've heard, but I've never kept them. Most of the "standard" apistogramma's will survive just fine in a planted tank with less than text-book conditions. 
my two cents. 
Tarah in Dallas