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<<It doesn't seem as if there are bottled fertilizers
made for "serious" planted tanks - say a blend of N,
K, P and traces meant for use in 3+ WPG tanks. Most of
the seachem products proudly state "no nitrate or
phosphate", but in my tank I have to add them every
few days. Not to mention getting the K2SO4 to dissolve
on water change days.>>

Actually there are some commercial aquarium fertilizers with nitrate and/or
P. Hagen, Kent, and the "Yamato" product that has been popular in certain
circles. For years companies marketed fertilizers as being N and P free,
because this was always blamed for algae growth.  But there is a more
pratical reason for keeping them separate, for our way of thinking.
Conditions vary in each individual tank, and dosing nutrients separetly
gives one better control. Following the PMDD or other similur methods allows
one to fine tune to their own enviornment. To the extent that is commercialy
possible, I think Seachem has tried to follow this same principal in their
product offerings...allowing people to add only Fe or K or trace. Nitrate is
a tricky thing...you can have either too much or too lilttle. Its hard to
find a happy medium in an all in one product. I used Yamato and Hagen for a
while...and I still use them occasionaly.

Robert Paul Hudson