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Re: CO2 Manifolds, anyone?

A 2 tank manifold would be a tee fitting and 2 needle valves of the appropriate size.    

I have 2 co2 tanks running 2 tanks each, both are just a co2 tank, regulator, pipe nipple, tee and 2 needle valves.  Same thing on both setups. The tees and pipe nipples can be purchased at HD or any auto parts store, my needle valves are all from M3.

I'm surprised they would put a regulator together so tight that it wouldn't come apart with the proper tools.  Unless they have used a threadlocker compound instead of Teflon tape.  

If it was me, I would try to take it apart before buying a new one, at the worst you might have to buy a new one(which they are suggesting anyway) if you are successful, you've saved a lot of money.



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