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Yellow pinbutton holes.

I have pinhead size little seethru areas on the leaves of Hygrophila corymbosa "Stricta", which later turns into real holes (same size) with yellow edges. I'm told that a good guess is that I have a lack of K (potassium) in my tank.
Which is the best potassium source? Can I add pure K or does it have to be in another form? Pardon if the questions sounds a bit ignorant. I'm not too good at chemestry.
I also have a spiderweb like green algea. It entierly covers my Rotala Wallichii (at least the upper half). It looks like it's at the brink of totally suffercating the Rotala Wallichii for me.
What deficiency is that algea a sign of? How should I proceed to get rid of it?
If the answer is total blackout, I wonder how to approach the oxygen part for the fishes sake? I don't have an air pump going. Should I add one during a blackout or not. This would affect the PH value which is entierly keept with CO2 injection. I do waterchanges automatically every night. Should these have to be stopped during a blackout?

Much obliged for any answers on or off list!
- Greger

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