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Re: Not feeding fish while you're away

> When most people discover how often I feed them the
> immediately think I'm
> cruel, but they gradually change their minds when
> they discover the longevity such a regime has 
> resulted in.

I recall that there has been a study in which the
caloric intake of mice were reduced 10% or so, and
they found that longevity was increased.  This
probably applies to humans also.  Cut down your
calories, and you will live longer.  Oxidative damage
associated with metabolism of foods is probably the
culprit.  It wouldn't surprise me if the same applied
to fish and frogs.

I was recently gone for about 3 weeks.  I added
holiday feeders to all my tanks, and then had someone
add more about holiday feeders about 1.5 wks later. 
I'm not sure that the feeders make a difference, but I
didn't have any fish loss, including all the discus. 
In fact, I found a 1/2 cm American Flag Fish fry in
one of my tanks after the vacation (but they were
probably happily munching on the algae...)


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