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Serious fertilizers

It doesn't seem as if there are bottled fertilizers made for "serious" 
planted tanks - say a blend of N, K, P and traces meant for use in 3+ WPG 
tanks. Most of the seachem products proudly state "no nitrate or phosphate", 
but in my tank I have to add them every few days. Not to mention getting the 
K2SO4 to dissolve on water change days.

Similarly, I would like to be able to raise KH and GH without having to go 
back to Chem 101. How about a product which raises both by the same amount, 
using plant-friendly chemicals?

From this list & other places, it seems like there are quite a few of us 
high-light CO2 injecting plant people (my friends would say fanatics, or 
worse!) around who'd buy them - or maybe they're out there already, and I 
just haven't found them?

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