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Hiya folks:

1. I see at least one person looking for Flourite.  www.drsfostersmith.com 
has a pretty good deal on the stuff: $16/bag + $10 shipping/handling w/ no 
other freight charges.  Similar deal for Onyx, which is only $14.40/bag.  
This is the best price I've seen on the net yet.  I haven't actually bought 
from this site, so caveat emptor.

By the way, I do encourage folks to buy from their lfs to help keep them in 
business.  One way you can do that and still save is to ask your lfs if 
it'll match internet prices.  You'd never know unless you ask!.

2.  I bought a couple of cladophora algea balls from Robert 
Hudson/aquabotanic over a month ago (Thx, Robert!).  First off, I seem to 
recall either Tom Barr or Karen Randall reporting that the balls don't stick 
onto wood.  Well, today I found to the apparent contrary.  I keep one of 
mine draped over a piece of Malaysian jati bogwood.  I picked it up to clean 
it today and found it growing into the wood.  I teared up most of the 
attached part by         , but tried to keep the rest where it was.  Now, it 
may be that the algae hairs were caught in splinters rather than growing 
onto the wood, but I don't think so.  I'm going to leave it alone for 
another couple of weeks and see if it attaches itself more.  Note:  this is 
a 2.8 W/gal, CO2, KNO3, K2SO4 and KH2PO4 augmented tank and this particular 
ball is only some 7" from the light, so it may be growing more robustly than 
normal.  The other ball that is sitting lower down on the Flourite substrate 
is not growing on or into the Flourite at all.

By the way, the balls are quite interestin.  They look like green versions 
of Cousin Itt (you know, the hairball!) from the Addams family.  I take 'em 
out, shake 'em off, and pull staghorn [algae?] out of them once in a while, 
but, otherwise, they're pretty unobstrusive!  The snails like to forage in 
them but don't seem to be eating the cladophora itself.

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