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Re: Dupla Cables & New Tank Setup Advice?

> Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 18:34:48 -0800
> From: "Gregory Gooden \(Annex\)" <ggooden at exc1_annex.com>
> For the Dupla Cables, they're quoting me either 550.00 that includes the
Delta controller, or 750.00 that includes the Alpha controller. This seems
VERY expensive! Are there any sites where I can "comparison shop" this item?
I can't seem to find them! If that's what I gotta pay, then I'll have to
just go for it, but I don't wanna be a dumb consumer. ;>

The cables should be around $100-150 depending on the wattage. A Dupla
transformer is very expensive (not sure how much) but worth it. If you work
at it, you can find suitable transformers for a lot less - you may have to
wire two in parallel to get the current you need. You can get a very nice
controller from M3 for about $110.

> 1 - Which do you think is better for a long-term tank setup; First Layer
Laterite as first inch, or Seachem's Flourite? How many inches SHOULD a
substrate be for a tank of 135gallons (18 fronttoback x 72 wide x 24 high).

I would use Dupla "Duplarit-G" laterite mixed with gravel for 1 1/2" then
plain gravel for the rest of the substrate (4 to 4 1/2" total). See the
heating cable article on my website for complete details.

> 2 - Is there anything "special" I should know about using wet/dry with
planted tanks, i.e., special covers, some particular brand that's good for
FW... Should I use ehfimech instead of bioballs, etc.?

Bioballs are fine - you don't need much bio-filtration in a planted tank.
Some sources recommend pumping air into the media chamber - you should NOT
do that - it blows off too much CO2. More details on my website.

> 3 - Do I appear to be missing any elements if I want to achieve an
optimimum setup for a planted discus tank? I wanna do this right the FIRST
time! :)

I assume you are doing proper nutrients and trace elements.

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