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Dupla cables and new tank setup

Heating cables.  Dupla is more expensive but best in my opinion.

You can get several brands from (in no particular order):

Pet Warehouse
Aquarium Landscapes
Monolith Marine Monsters
Hawaiian Marine

I bought the Dupla from Hawaiian Marine and got the transformer they sale.
It is built to Dupla spec's by Hawaiian Marine.  Have been very pleased with
both cables and customer service from them.

Unless you want to fiddle with a timer every time the seasons change, I
recommend purchasing a temp controller to maximize how often they stay on.
I paid around $80 for an Aqua Logic controller.  It has worked beautifully.

The last time this came up, I posted where I found cables and a couple of
other folks added a few more places I wasn't aware of.  Can't get to the
archives so I recommend checking there to see who else has them.

I mixed flourite and old tank gravel (50/50) and used laterite.   Don't use
less than 50% Flourite.

Daphne in Atlanta