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Not feeding fish while you are away

I am a great believer in not feeding your fish every day.  I typically 4 or
5 days consecutively and then stop feeding for a day or two.  I have left my
fish (including Discus) without food for 4 or 5 days without even a hint of
problems.  In fact, I find that they eat better when it is irregular and
they have to hunt down every scrap.

Of course, this is a plant list, so I should say something planty:

I have my Discus and plants (Rotala Macrandra, Rotala Wallachii, Rotala ???,
Java Ferns, Bolbitus H., unknown crypts) in San Joaquin County (outside of
the SF Bay Area) liquid rock and have had great growth in both the Discus
and the plants.  I have a lot of light (110W of CF over 30G) and inject CO2,
but none of the plants or fish seem to be begging for changes in the water
parameters.  I have no idea what my hardness level is, but my conductivity
meter says about 600 - 650 us (someone want to do a conversion to DH?).  I
inject enough CO2 to get the pH down to 6.8 from a natural 7.3-8.  I expect
I have a lot of CO2 in the tank, but bubbling plants saturate the tank with
O2.  Tank temp is 82 - 83F.

So, in conclusion, it is very possible to grow plants and have discus in
hard, alkaline water.  Just choose the plants well and keep changing the