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Ich, test kits


I can help you with the ich.  Raise your temperatures in the tank to around
82 (at least) and keep the UV going 24/7.   Do nice big water changes
(siphon from top of gravel) frequently for several days.  Once the ich has
disappeared from the fish, keep doing the changes for several days.  This
gets it out of your tank before the fish can be re-infected.

UV's are NOT a waste of money IMO.  They are right up there with sliced

Always use water changes as your first line of defense.  Only start dumping
chemicals in your tank when you can't correct the problem with water

Test kits. Personally, I like/use:
LaMotte narrow range pH (you can only get this from them, it is an octet and
is wonderful)
Seachem phosphate
Seachem nitrate
Tetra GH/KH
Tetra Ammonia