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New lights question

I just bought 2 Custom Sealife 3' 96 watt "Brightlight" strips to put on
my 200. These 2 striplights will replace 2 old AGA twin bulb fixtures, a
36" & a 48", which were kind of awkward to work around when serviceing
the tank. So, I removed 160 watts, & replaced with 192 watts in fixtures
that are much nicer, IMO, & are smaller.
Anyway, the fixtures came with 8800k tubes. I had also ordered 2 5000k
bulbs. I like the look of the colors with the 5000k bulbs MUCH better.
The tanks also has 4 more 96 watt tubes in a ABS fixture, which are all
6700k lamps.
I trying to decide if I should try to sell off the 2 new 8800k's. Come
time for bulb replacement in the 4 x 96 fixture, I guess I could use
them in there, but they really don't make for a nice color in the tank.
Too harsh.
Does anyone use, or recommend using, the 8800's on a plant tank?
David Modine