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War on hydra...

Much thanks to all who have replied on my predicament! I've decided that 
when I get a chance, I will purchase several juvenile guppies and unleash 
them in this tank. I'll leave them unfed for a few days and see if they 
will eat these vile little 6-armed vermin. If this, in addition to stepping 
up the water changes doesn't help, I'll try the Bausman's tonic.

Last night, I thought maybe I could try to siphon away the ones I see on 
the glass, but they did another little trick that made me have to go to the 
bathroom, again. They sort of balled themselves up, and became little green 
asterisks! Ew! Ew! EW!!! When the water became calm, they extended 
themselves to their regular form. Then I'd agitate the water around them 
again, and Yoop! Little green asterisks again. Ew! Ew! EW! And I don't 
think the force of an all-powerful vortex would have loosened them from 
their place on the glass, either. So I left them where they were. I 
certainly wouldn't have minded getting some baby killifish to spontaneously 
appear, but the animated gravel and leech would have had me screaming. 
Actually, I've noticed some "swimming dots" in my tank. They're not daphnia 
- they sort of remind me of those little round pod-like spacefighters in 
Star Wars. Hey - maybe they're cope-"pods." Okay, that was really bad. 
They're roundish and zoom about, stopping to rest in algae or on leaves. 
The guppy fry have no predatory instinct, I'm afraid.

All right, I only see about four hydra, so I'm not calling it quits just 
yet... I really appreciate all the suggestions, and even knowing that 
things *could* be a lot worse, like animated gravel, unknown larvae and 
leeches ;). Thanks, all!