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Where can I get these fishes?

Hello to all.

After reading this list for some time I have decided that some or all of you
might be able to answer a question for me.
I have a aquarium that has been setup for some time now and I am looking to
purchase some Rasboras and Gouramis for it, here's the quandry, My local
fish stores cannot seem to get these fishes at all and I cannot find any
places to order online (maybe I'm just blind). Here are the types I would
like to acquire.
R. Maculata and R. Pauciperforata
I am also looking for some Chocolate Gouramis, but these are also not
available locally.
I am looking to breed these beautiful little fishes so I would purchase
several at once. Does anyone know somewhere online or other where I can
order these? Or if someone has some at home that are young and are willing
to sell I will pay shipping and a reasonable amount for them of course. I
will probably be buying 10 or more of each of the Rasboras and 6-8 or the
Chocolate Gouramis.