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Re: CO2 in liquid form

>>Diana, I tried the Seachem Carbon liquid as well.  I have CO2 injection
flourite/gravel combo.  I can tell you what happens when you overdose it!
Several crypts melted.  <<

I have been using Flourish Excel since it first came out. According to Greg
Morin there is no properties in it than can feed algae. I tend to believe
him. Like most people I have had various algae outbreaks come and go, but I
have never attributed them to Excel. Just recently I had a huge outbreak of
some wierd algae shortly after adding Excel, but it was also shortly after
removing 60% of the plants from the tank, and unearthing the substrate. I
have been using Excel in that tank for a year now. As far as overdosing...I
never had any plants melt, but I have never dumped a huge amount of Excel in
my tank either. Sometimes it pays to follow directions! :)

Robert Paul Hudson