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Re: Hydra and such

Naomi and all the gang,

You think you're creeped out, Naomi? I've got that one

About 2 months ago, I got a shipment of plants from a
Florida mail order outfit. One of the plants was
Riccia fluitans that was *obviously* grown outdoors
becasue it was *loaded* with sticks, leaves, and
various larvae.

Two days ago I noticed a leach squirming against the
front glass of my 10 gallon bedroom tank that houses
the same Riccia. Two killifish have hatched out of
said Riccia, as well as ramshorn snails, pond snails,
different hairy grubs, Lobelia cardinalis (that's
right!), and a wierd thing that looks like gravel but
runs around the perimeter of the tank at about 100
miles per hour!

Everyday, it seems, I notice different stuff. A week
ago I noticed some weird flies in the house. It's been
45 degrees or less here in Delaware for the last 3
weeks, so it didn't come from outside!

I don't know if anyone else has had fish mysteriously
appear out of nowhere, but I tell you it's freaky!!
You should've heard me screaming: HEY!! THERE'S FISH
IN HERE!!! There was, and still isn't, any other fish
that I introduced. My friend laughed and told me I
perfected the "Just Add Water" aquarium.

HAHA!!...anyway, That's part of what makes this thing

John Wheeler  

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