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Re: CO2 in liquid form

I use Flourish Excel in my low light (1wpg) low-tech tank - it is the only 
additive I put in there, and it makes a noticeable difference in algea 
growth (less) and plant growth (more). I did drastically overdose it once 
(about 4x the recommended concentration), which killed one cardinal tetra 
and had all the suckermouth cats gulping air. A quick water change saved all 
the fish (except the one dead cardinal), so I don't know what would have 
happened to the plants if I'd left it in there.

I tried using both flourish & flourish excel in the tank but the plants 
didn't do any better and the water would cloud up after a water change (like 
a bacterial bloom, not like algae). So now I only use the excel.

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