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CO2 in liquid form

Diana, I tried the Seachem Carbon liquid as well.  I have CO2 injection and
flourite/gravel combo.  I can tell you what happens when you overdose it!
Several crypts melted.  Not the entire stand, and not every type, just
portions of some varieties.  Some plants didn't look in danger of death but
didn't look too hot.  All of my Cape Fear and round leaf Spatterdock totally
melted.  My Christmas moss, however, went nuts.  It had done nothing in tank
and it took off.  Doubled in size overnight it seemed.  Algae growth (I have
the clumpy green balls of algae, green spot and a tiny amount of the thread
with knots on it variety) seemed to abate somewhat but so did plant growth
(except for the moss).

I have been happy with the Seachem line (as well as their phenomenal
customer service) so I decided to give it one more try (at a much lower
dosage).  Algae does seem to be going away.  I am still manually removing
some but not as much and not as often.  My new A. ulvaceous has doubled in
size and my Christmas moss is going nuts.  Haven't seen any major
differences in anything else other than less clumps of algae showing up on
Flourite.  Seem to get considerably more pearling, looks like bubble wands
all over the tank.  I haven't been using it long enough to tell any kind of
long-term effects, just a couple of weeks.  Just my two cents.