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Re: Tank sale

Dave those are definitely higher than wholesale in the
Indiucky area (as opposed to Kentuckiana ;-)). A 55
gallon tank and light here for example sells for
around $85 wholesale.

One of our LFS here in Minnesota just sent me a flyer
about a huge 

Combos include aquarium, glass canopy, and strip

37 gal combo $111.59
55 gal combo $121.37
58 gal combo $183.30
75 gal combo $237.64
125 gal combo $297.25

Perfecto Manufacturing
10 gal Aquarium and hood $19.97
20 gal long combo $63.96
40 gal high combo $120.35
120 gal extra high combo $287.37
125 gal combo $297.43
220 gal combo &629.36

There suppose to be wholesale prices.  They seem high
to me but was
wondering what you guys thought.

Dave Berryman

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