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Hydra in my mini-tank

Hi, All. Happy New Year!

I was just looking in my 2.5-gallon plant tank a few minutes ago, and 
discovered what appears to be a hydra. I did a search here and at several 
other sites, and it seems that the more popular methods of eradicating them 
are to introduce a specific type of gourami, which would probably not get 
along well in a 2.5-gallon tank, or to use a copper-based compound (like 
Aquarisol), which is out of the question because of my dear little red 
ramshorn snails that are diligently cleaning and living happily. There are 
three guppy fry in this tank, and I thought this would be enough to keep 
the creepy-crawlies out of sight, but I guess I was wrong...

I know I shouldn't worry about them, since it's not really a spawning tank 
(I'd think guppy fry are too big to be harmed), but I'm a rather squeamish 
person. I'm glad I don't own a microscope set, or I'd probably never stick 
my hand in tank water again. Is there any chance that adding maybe a 
juvenile guppy would do the trick? Or something else that can live (even 
temporarily) in just 2.5 gallons? If one of the ramshorn snails happened to 
find the hydra, would the snail eat it? I'd like to take care of this 
before I start seeing a bijillion little tentacles waving at me; I 
*definitely* wouldn't stick my hand in the tank if it got to this point. My 
stomach turns every time I see the one hydra. Then I have to go to the 

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Tanks a lot!

-Naomi :)