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  Roy, I have an Echinodorus,have no idea what type and I kept it in an 
pool for about 3 years and it did nothing. Probably too shaded by the lilies.
Anyway I put it in my indoor 75 in April. It's now about 24x 24 covers half 
the tank.
When I put on my new light system it started to bloom and now has 4 stalks as
you describe. It is flowering both below and above the waterline. The flowers 
to bloom in sequence and last 1 day. No seeds but new plants are forming on 
faded flowers. I'm going to let the ones above the water develop as the 
leaves have 
an entirely different structure. New leaves are still forming at the base but 
they are
much more rounded and shorter with thicker stems
  Don't see how that helps with your problem but I thought it interesting
  If the emersed shoots develop I'm going to put them in my 150 terrarium and 
what they do as a terrestrial.
                                         Gary     fla.