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CO2 in liguid form

Hello Folks:
    I have been using Seachem's "Organic Carbon Source
for the Planted Aquarium".  It is a liquid additive
which was given to me during my visit in Tennesse at
the AGA conference.  I used it in an aquarium which
contained gravel as the only substrate, no CO2 of any
other kind, and found that staghorn algea went crazy
growing in my one tank.  This is a 20 gal. grow out
tank for my plants with one goldfish and 5 guppies. I
have discontiued using the liquid carbon, cleaned up
all the algea I was capable of physically removing and
did a 75% water change.  The staghorn algea is now
under control and disappearing.  I didn't get to see
if this liquid carbon had any visible affect on the
health of my plants because of the staghorn outbreak. 
The algea actually harmed most of the plants I had in
this tank.  I was also using other of Seachem
nutrients at the same time, in the doses prescribed.
This was an experiment that failed for me.  I use the
other Seachem nutrients but no longer use the liquid
carbon.  Has anyone noticed anything similar in the
use of this form of carbon to their planted tanks? Has
anyone noticed good results? If so, what kinds of
results have you noticed in the condition of your
Just curious,  Diana

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