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Re: Shrimp troubles

Thanks to everyone who has been trying to help me on the shrimp deaths.
Ya'll are a wealth of information!

CL has come up a couple of times.  I am using the stump remover that says
the only ingredient is potassium nitrate.  I assume that some of the stump
removers must be potassium chloride?  I was actually adding it for the
nitrate, not the potassium. I don't think I am adding CL.  If I am clueless,
please correct me.

As an update, I lost a furcata today and another has a gray stick instead of
a pectoral fin.  I pulled it and the popeye Ram for a second quarantine
tank.   I did, however, see a happy Amano shrimp just bouncing around and
acting completely normal.  I don't think the fish stuff is related but I
have decided the plant/medication must have been it.  I don't use lots of K
and I don't think I'm adding CL.

I do have one final question though.  Will simply rinsing new plants get rid
of any residual medications?

Thanks again.

Daphne, keeper of at least two live shrimp!