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Re: Flourite Red not guilty! Driftwood found at fault.

     You will recall that I have been struggling to set up my first heavily 
planted tank.  It is a 100 gallon in my office which has had salt for the 
last ten years.
     I washed and laid out 6 bags of Seachem's new Flourite Red.  The water 
turned red.  I washed it again, and the water turned red again.  I tried to 
polish it with diatom powder in a Magnum with a micron filter, and I got 
clean, clear, red water.  I washed it again, and the water turned red again.
     Before removing it and raising hell with Seachem, I decided to test the 
only other possibility.  I removed the new driftwood I got at my LFS and 
refilled the tank.  I put the driftwood in a bucket of water and ran a Magnum 
on it.  I then left the office for New Year's.
     You guessed it.  Upon my return this morning, the water in the tank is 
clear, and the water in the bucket with the driftwood is red.
     I hope someone can benefit by my experience, or inexperience. 

David S. Brown

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