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E. cordifolius var. Harbich flowering

My Echinodorus plant which I bought from my LFS about four years ago 
labelled as E. Harbich, which I believe is a small growing variety of 
E.cordifolius, and which has always remained about 20-25 cm high with 
uniformly green oval leaves about 8 cm long and 6 cm wide has recently put 
out much longer stems with large leaves, about 15-20cm long and 10-12cm wide 
that float on the surface. These have now been followed by what appears to 
be a flower stalk which is thick and round and bears 12 buds arranged in 
clusters of three around the stem. This stalk is now about 10 cm below the 
surface of my 40 cm deep tank.
Has this plant reverted to wild form E. cordifolius? Can I make any changes 
to get the plant to grow in its old form again? The small form fitted in 
much better with my planting scheme and the large floating leaves cast a 
heavy shade. The change in growth pattern followed an increase in general 
fertilisation of the aquarium following a period of relative neglect, 
however, previously the plant remained small despite good light, substrate 
and water column fertilisation and CO2. Will I be able to propogate new 
plants from any flowers that develop? If so will the new plants be the 
original small form or the larger form?
I hope someone with experience of these plants can help,
Thanks in advance,
Roy Wadey.

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